We have divided NH up into Counties.  While NH is a small state there’s a lot of territory that needs to be covered.  If you are concerned about the way NH politics are moving and you are ready to BE THE CHANGE…please continue reading.

Our goal, with your help because that is the ONLY WAY this is going to happen, is to have at least, if not multiple people from each town working within their community.

Our purpose is to find the “HELPERS” within our communities  and HELP THEM to get (re) elected so they can help us retain our freedom of choice.  This strategy will also help to determine who the “Bad Actors” are.  Those who might pretend to care but really do not care and are willing to pass laws that are unconstitutional and infringe on our unalienable natural born rights to make an informed choice.

The page is designed to allow you to post your local events in your area so that others can attend.  If we can form groups within our towns, we can attend these events as a group.  There is power in numbers.  We need to be seen and heard on these matters.

Until we can find people in every town, please include your surroundings towns to the next step.  We depend on you to direct those people who are ready to be the change to this page. Again, we need every town in NH activated with active and goal driven parents who are interested in retaining our FREEDOM.
  1. Find the town you are voting in (and surrounding towns for now until we can build)
  2. Create a new group with your contact lists (ex. Town Reps and Senators), (candidates running for reps/senators) and enter their information.
  3. Purchase a box of WHITE SHIPPING LABELS 2’x 4″.
  4. Handwrite the names and addresses of the reps and senators on either the white shipping labels or a template.  THIS WILL BECOME YOUR ORIGINAL. Why?  We have already heard from quite a few Reps that they just do not have the time to read emails.  In addition if your emails go into JUNK, they will never see them.  Receiving a hand addressed envelope to their homes are more likely to be opened and read.  Think about how excited you are to get a handwritten piece of mail.  These days very uncommon so when you get them you open them.
  5. Once you have the ORIGINAL templates made,  make copies onto other White Shipping Labels.  This is will be impactful and won’t take a lot of time.
  6. Please check out our NH PLAN for ideas on what we can be sending out to the reps and senators.  Keep in mind that they more then likely don’t know what is happening in this country or world about vaccines.  Remember this information is being suppressed.  I addition, they are not reading what we are reading so it is up to us to help them get informed so they can vote to protect our families.
  7. Please see “Hear Us Now”, under the NH Plan to examples on different ideas to be sending out.  Commit to a schedule.  Do you want to send the information out once a week, twice a month, once a month….?
  8. Once you decide on the frequency of your mailings, put a reminder on a calendar and set alerts to help you stay on track.  Just get it done.
  9. Be sure to include a short note with the mailings, your name contact information and the town you live in.
  10. If you are doing a mailing for a specific bill – be sure to  include in the very beginning whether you SUPPORT or OPPOSE and then write the bill number.   Example:  OPPOSE HB1655. They will keep track of these.
  11. If each Rep and Senator receives valuable information in the mail that is EASY to read then maybe we can help them to move towards the TRUTH about why we are so unhealthy in this country.
  12. IF YOU DECIDE TO USE EMAIL ESPECIALLY WHEN THE BILLS COME UP….Please understand that the most important part of that email will be the SUBJECT LINE.  It may be the only thing they read.  Keep your email short and to the point and stay on subject.
OPPOSE HB 1655 will do it!
Stay tuned for the NH PLAN videos and instructions…as we move along in our mission to remain a free and healthy people.

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