How to Testify in NH Public Hearings

  1. Sign in and fill out a card. You may sign in and indicate your support or opposition of a bill without speaking. The pink cards (in the House) are for speaking. The blue sheet in the Senate fulfills the same function. Pick up a copy of the bill when you enter. 0.5 I usually start with “Chairman Butler, members of the Committee”. You should know the
    Chair’s name and if the Chair is not there, who is sitting in for them. (It’s not necessary to memorize everyone on the committee, and they have nameplates in front of them anyway.)
  2. Arrive at the beginning of the session, rather than the time that your bill is scheduled to be heard, because otherwise you might not get a seat, or even in the door if it’s crowded. There is Wifi. If you bring your phone, Turn It Off when the session starts.
  3. Don’t read your speech, they’ll ask you to just turn it in instead of speaking. If you have statistics or charts, graphs, or 8 1/2 by 11 color glossies, make a copy for everyone and hand it out (all to one person, usually first rep at the table on the left) before you speak.
  4. Consider listening to a couple of hearings before you speak, it will make it easier for you.
  5. Dress appropriately, Business or Business Casual. Consider wearing a suit jacket.
  6. Write your points on 3.5″ cards to help you remember, and DO practice your testimony.
  7. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your testimony.
  8. Keep it under 3 minutes. If you’re not sure how to format, consider the classic:
    A. Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
    B. Tell them.
    C. Tell them what you told them.
  9. Tell them how you want them to vote.
  10. Thank them for listening.
  11. Make friends on the Committee. If you know anyone on the committee, find them beforehand, tell them what you’ll be saying and ask for suggestions. Make eye contact with them during your testimony.

    Ref: Kevin Bloom

Kevin Talks About ‘How To Stop A Bad Bill’

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