There are a lot of abbreviations used when writing legislation. The following table will help you to understand what these abbreviations mean.


Abbreviation Explanation
AA Amendment Adopted
AF Amendment Failed
AL Amendment Lost
AM Amendment
APPROP Appropriations
APPTS Appoints; Appointments
CAP BUDGET Capital Budget
CC Consent Calendar
COMM AM Committee Amendment
CONC Concur; Concurred
CONF COMM Conference Committee
CRIM&SFTY Criminal Justice and Public Safety
DIV Division Vote
E&A Environment and Agriculture
ECON DEVEL Economic Development
ED&A Executive Departments and Administration
ELEC LAW Election Law
FL AM Floor Amendment
HC House Calendar
HHS&EA Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
HJ House Journal
INT AFFAIR Internal Affairs
INTERSTATE Interstate Cooperation
IS Interim Study
ITL Inexpedient to Legislate
JUD Judiciary and Family Law
LABOR Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services
LEG ADMIN Legislative Administration
LOB Legislative Office Building
LOC & REGREV Local and Regulated Revenue
LOT Lay on the Table
M&C Municipal and County Government
MA Motion Adopted
MAJ Majority
MAJ REPORT Majority (of Committee) Report
MAR March
MF Motion Failed
MIN Minority
MIN REPORT Minority (of Committee) Report
ML Motion Lost
NO ASSGMNT No Committee Assignment
NONCONC Nonconcur; Nonconcurred
NONCONC REQ CONF COMM Nonconcurred Request Conference Committee
NT New Title
OTP Ought to Pass
OTP/AM Ought to Pass with Amendment
OTPA Ought to Pass with Amendment
PRES President (of Senate)
PROP COMM AM Proposed Committee Amendment
PUB AFFAIR Public Affairs
PUB INST Public Institutions, Health & Human Services
PUBLIC WKS Public Works and Highways
RC Regular Calendar
RC # – # Roll Call
RE-REF Re-Referred
REF Refer; Referred
REF FOR STUDY Refer to Interim Study
REG REV Regulated Revenues
REP Representative
REP’S HALL Representative’s Hall
REQ Request
RM Room
RM100,SH Room 100, State House
RM210,LOB Room 210, Legislative Office Building
RNF Recommended, but Not Funded
RR&D Resources, Recreation and Development
RULES/E.B. Rules and Enrolled Bills
SC Senate Calendar
SEN Senate; Senator
SH State House
SJ Senate Journal
SPEC COMM Special Committee Assignment
SPEC ORD Special Order
SPKR Speaker
ST&E Science. Technology and Energy
ST-FD&VETS State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs
SUBST Substitute
TRANSPORT Transportation
VV Voice Vote
W & R Wildlife and Recreation
WAYS&MEANS Ways and Means
WILDLIFE Wildlife and Marine Resources
NH House NH Senate

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