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Opposition to Bills H.3999/S.2359/H.4096

Date:                                    December 9, 2019

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Reference:                            Opposition to Bills H.3999/S.2359/H.4096

Dear Chairperson Comeford, Chairperson Mahoney, and committee — please allow me to share why I oppose Bills H.3999/S.2359/H.4096:

  1. Point #1: There is a significant amount of data pointing to the fact that vaccines are not safe.  This video highlights major gaps in the integrity of the vaccine industry.
  2. Point #2: “For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day.” (citation)
  3. Point #3: Herd Immunity is unachievable. The CDC states that 95% of people need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.  (citation citation)
  • Herd immunity only applies to natural immunity.  
  • About 2–10% of healthy individuals fail to mount antibody levels to routine vaccines. (citation)
  • Adults are not up to date with vaccinations – depending on the specific vaccination, the CDC reports that adults are vaccinated anywhere between 23-73% (citation).  
  • Massachusetts child vaccination rate is at 98.6%.  There is no emergency, nor is there a need to remove the religious exemption.

Profit – the Primary Reason Why This Bill is on the National Agenda

There are a number of companies, universities, and government agencies in support of this bill due to the tremendous profit that the vaccine industry brings in.

  • Vaccine market is worth close to $24 billion.  “The business of vaccines is soon to become a major source of profits for the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations. A press release (Business Wire, January 21st 2016) published by says that Technavio, one of the leading technology research and advisory companies in the world predicts that pharmaceutical corporations who produce vaccines will reach an estimated $61 billion in profits by 2020.” (citation)
  • Pharmaceutical Lobbying Fees in 2018: $214 million, 2x the amount of lobbying funds of big oil (citation)
  • Media revenue from pharmaceutical companies, which averages almost $490 million a year for the last 20 years – “Big Pharma spent an additional $9.8 billion on marketing in the past 20 years. It worked” (citation)
  • “UM School Of Medicine’s Center For Vaccine Development And Global Health Receives NIH Contract Of Up To More Than $200 Million For Influenza Research” (citation)
  • If your pediatrician has just 100 fully-vaccinated patients turning 2 this year, that’s $40,000.  (citation)
  • Mandated = Children are a line item on Pharma’s Profit Statement.  72 vaccines in 18 years x the number of American children. This doesn’t account for the thousands of vaccines being created today that can be added to the schedule.
  • Pets = You may have noticed that the pet vaccine schedule have exponentially grown in the past few years.  More patients, more dollar signs.

I respectfully request that you oppose and report these three bills H.3999/S.2359/H.4096 unfavorably out of committee. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,